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Re: Running the OS in RAM

an FYI chime in that only belongs on a fedora list because it may serve
as an example

I have never seen the thing but Mandriva sells their OS on a 2GB flash

gnewsense.org has a live CD / USB try and install feature, and they
also have
a simillar series of scripts for moving certain portions into memory. 


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>>> mindwave cfl rr com 1/9/2007 11:38:36 AM >>>
There is a gal in .NL that has developed her own 'live' version of
Mandriva, more than that she has developed a way to load the whole thing
onto a USB flash disk.
if THAT wasnt impressive enough, she has developed a series of scripts
that you can execute at boot that copies the entire thing to ram.
I'm using her information to see if there is a way to either use
Xandros in the same manner or load the whole thing onto a 120gb poscket
Whats this have to do w/ anything? Yes i do believe this is possible.
Take a look at www.mcnlive.org for more information.
as much as li appreciate fedora and Xandros, this has me REALLY looking
at Mandriva again.
However what I am struggling with is duplicating my desktop, which has
PAN, GIMP,GAIM, THUNDERBIRD,FIREFOX etc. on it. THOSE tend to bloat the
whole package OVER the ideal of 500MB.
I think her idea is that if you keep the load under 500mb you really
can load it on almost any contemporary pc , copy it to ram and then run
with it. Me i'm more interested in taking my desktop with me, than in
the speed of running to ram.
Now a COOL offshoot would be to develop a method that would load the OS
ONLY to ram and keep the apps on the flash drive. But thats beyond me
There is also a really food book called Linux Live Cd's

that includes info on rolling your own Fedora install. My copy should
be here next week.

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Subject: Running the OS in RAM 
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> I've seen how Knoppix can be run with the whole OS in RAM. The thing

> is _fast_. I'll soon be getting a laptop with 2GB RAM- quadruple the

> amount of RAM that I've used to run Knoppix in. Can I have Fedora run

> with the whole OS in RAM like Knoppix? I want a hard-drive install, 
> but I want to take advantage of all the RAM that machine has. 
> Thanks in advance. 
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