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How can I get rid of beagle??


I don't like beagle, since I don't need it and it eats 50% of my system resources. The CPU usage is regularly at 100% for example (has beagle ever heard something about a nice value??), because beagle runs pdftotext on pdf files, which I haven't touched for years.

Beagle is crap. It assumes that all system resources are reserved for beagle only and it assumes that the user does nothing but searching lost stuff on his/her Desktop.

My problem: I can't get rid of it! I run

mono --debug /usr/lib/beagle/Settings.exe
(started from the settings menu)

and disable all checkboxes, and close the dialog again. After that this god damn beagle still runs. I have to kill those processes manually or log off and on. These settings are valid until the next system reboot. Beagle is then active again and magically all checkboxes in this config GUI are enabled again. I don't know whether the reactivation of beagle happens with every reboot, but I have experienced it a dozens of times, that beagle is active, though I have explicitly disabled it before.

So, how can can I get rid of beagle?

greets Boris

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