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Amanda related Q

Greetings folks;

It just now crossed my mind that after installing Fedora Core 6 fresh, a 
complete install insofar as I could do it that is, I had to have yum 
install xinetd in order for my current amanda configurations could 
continue working.  Amanda has 3 services that are, or have historically, 
been launched from profile files in the /etc/xinetd.d directory.

So in the interests of knowing which way the amanda development might need 
to go in the future, what are the plans for the xinetd services in future 
releases?  Is this, and similarly managed utilities such as  
chargen-stream, daytime-dgram, discard-dgram, echo-dgram, eklogin,       
gssftp, krb5-telnet, ktalk, tcpmux-server, time-stream, chargen-dgram, 
cvs, daytime-stream, discard-stream, echo-stream, ekrb5-telnet, klogin, 
kshell, rsync & time-dgram to be migrated to another utility performing 
similar functions?

Please advise.

Cheers, Gene
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