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Re: Mounting NTFS

Schlaegel wrote:
On 1/9/07, Jeffrey Burns <jeff jeffreyburns net> wrote:
Also, if you don't need write access, you might want to grab kmod-ntfs
from livna.org.

And a question for the list - if ntfs-3g meets the requirements for
inclusion in Extras, what disqualifies kmod-ntfs?

Now that there is ntfs-3g, I wonder why anyone chooses to install the
crippled kernel module kmod-ntfs. If you want read only access, then
just mount using ntfs-3g with only read access.

My question is why Fedora does not ship with ntfs-3g out of the box.
Most dual boot scenarios will benefit from its usage and most new
Fedora users will have an existing NTFS partition.

I also believe there was some worry about including it in the distro in the same vein as including java in previous versions. Licensing, or some such thing.

Ita erat quando hic adveni.

Mark Haney
Sr. Systems Administrator
ERC Broadband
(828) 350-2415

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