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Re: Thuderbird as an Evolution replacement ? (Evolution things...)

James Wilkinson wrote:
Kim Lux wrote:
I'm finding that Evolution is slow to process incoming mail when
filtering spam and it runs with a high nice priority that seems to hog
the CPU sometimes when I am multi tasking.

One option you might want to look into (although it would mean some
configuration) is to download your e-mail separately from your mail
client. If you set up something like fetchmail + postfix (or sendmail if
you must) + SpamAssassin + procmail, then mail will trickle in to your
machine periodically and be filtered in the background. When you open up
a mail client, it's already there and filtered.

You could also add in Dovecot to "publish" the e-mails over IMAP. That
would mean that Dovecot is responsible for storing your e-mails, not
your mail client, and means that you can switch mail clients and have
all your e-mail Just There and working.

Hope this helps,


This is the exact problem I have. Evolution is a really bad program in my book.

First, do you have imap access or even pop access to your mail server? We don't, we have to use Evolution-Connector. Talk to your IT staff.

If you do, then just use Thunderbird.  I wish we did.

I use Evolution to get my mail and move it to an export box. Then I save the messages and open them in Thunderbird. This is about 3 times faster than letting Evolution move and sort my mail from the exchange server. This is the first thing that worked since the change in December, at least the way I want. I am still looking at options to continue using Thunderbird with our non-imap/non-pop server.

Robin Laing

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