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System does not boot after 'yum update'

After doing a 'yum update' last night and shutting down the machine,
my machine failed to start back up properly this morning: the BIOS
appears to load without issue, and then a screen with the text "GRUB
_" comes up. And nothing else occurs.

I won't go into how important this machine, Watson, is to me as it is
quite depressing, here are the details of the situation as best my
recollection serves me.

* only system operations that I did between the last successful
startup and shutdown were: `rpm -e vnc-server` and `yum update`

* the update process completed reporting success

* the machine shutdown without any indication that anything was out of
the ordinary

* there were three (3) other machines in the building on during the
time it was of, two were on the same outlet: one windows laptop on
standby, one FC5 machine (test box)

* I use Fedora Core 6 on the machine

* I have Extras and Livna enabled by default, AtRPMs is configured so
I could get MythTV, but is enabled=0

* I did not enable Atrmps on the last yum update

* A new kernel was reported to have been installed

* I can boot to, and use the fc6 rescue disk

* grub-install from the rescue disk fails to make any observable
change to the problem

* i followed this: http://fedorasolved.org/installation-solutions/dd-db-fix/

* I do have windows dual booted on the machine (for the sake of a game
no less) but have not booted to it in the past months

* I am using the default Anaconda partion structure, ie. my /home is
not a separate partition and is part of lvm

* from the rescue disk I can see all my files, across 3 sata drives
and 1 ide drive - yes, it keeps my room nice and warm during this

* I'm already fighting with several Microsoft products on my laptop
and would prefer to not have to devote time to reinstalling Fedora on
my desktop

* I am willing to try anything non destructive

* I am willing to see this through for the next week or so, for the
sake of this not happening to others

* I will be missing to episodes of Law & Order tonight, as the machine
is my sole cable viewing device, MythTV would have been my PVR
recording the show while I would be out

* I am in need of help

Please advise

Arthur Pemberton

Fedora Core 6 and proud

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