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Re: System does not boot after 'yum update'

On 1/9/07, Tony Nelson <tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:
At 4:00 PM -0600 1/9/07, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
>After doing a 'yum update' last night and shutting down the machine,
>my machine failed to start back up properly this morning: the BIOS
>appears to load without issue, and then a screen with the text "GRUB
>_" comes up. And nothing else occurs.

I see that you installed a kernel, that you use the default partitioning,
and that you dual-boot MSWindows.

I had a mysterious problem on my dual-booted machine after installing a
kernel, where Grub could not find stage 2.  It turns out that my system had
been a hostage to fortune for a long time, as I had made a copy of the
/boot partition's bootsector to a file to use from MSWindow's NTLDR's
boot.ini, and had not updated that file after an upgrade (and a new grub
install).  If you're booting directly from grub without using NTLDR, this
should not be your problem.

I do not do that. Grub chainloads to NTLDR, per Anaconda's default setup

Fedora Core 6 and proud

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