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Re: Network install of FC6, using CD1 of FC5. OK?

Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 06:13:59PM -0800, Rob wrote:
>>I use the 'askmethod' installation, to install via
>>the network over http. For this I use the FC5 first
>>CD, but give the http-link to the FC6 directory.
> This won't work, because the installer knows which
> anaconda matches which install tree. It'll just
> reject it as not matching.
> There is an anaconda design goal to make this
> possible in future versions.

It worked! Surprise, suprise!
I installed FC6 over the network, using CD1 of FC5,
but providing the network link to FC6.
No problems, no errors, no warnings.
Maybe we're living a bit in the future already :).

By the way, I did a complete fresh installation, so
not an upgrade.

> Do you have a USB memory thingamajigger?

Probably not; what sort of USB beast is this?


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