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Re: Mounting NTFS

On Tue, 2007-09-01 at 13:02 -0800, Schlaegel wrote:
> On 1/9/07, Jeffrey Burns <jeff jeffreyburns net> wrote:
> > Also, if you don't need write access, you might want to grab kmod-ntfs
> > from livna.org.
> >
> > And a question for the list - if ntfs-3g meets the requirements for
> > inclusion in Extras, what disqualifies kmod-ntfs?
> >
> Now that there is ntfs-3g, I wonder why anyone chooses to install the
> crippled kernel module kmod-ntfs. If you want read only access, then
> just mount using ntfs-3g with only read access.

I agree, and I'm using ntfs-3g myself. The only reason I brought up the
read-only kernel module is that it's been included-with or compiled-into
the kernels of many other distros for quite awhile now. It just seems
like it might have a better chance for inclusion in FC7 by default due
to ntfs-3g still being in beta.

> My question is why Fedora does not ship with ntfs-3g out of the box.
> Most dual boot scenarios will benefit from its usage and most new
> Fedora users will have an existing NTFS partition.

Again, I agree with you. Since the patent issues over including ntfs in
the kernel seem to have been resolved, I hope we will see this happen in
April when when FC7 arrives.


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