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Re: Cups broken and my stomach is upset - Anger Management in Action Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

On Wednesday 10 January 2007 08:59, Ric Moore wrote:
> That's why I got so blooming hot, I have an HP PSC-1510 All-in-one that
> worked right out of the box. 

As does the Brother DCP-340CW.

> It prints, it scans and it copies like a 
> charm until two nights ago, when I needed it to work the most. I'm
> looking in the files and I'm seeing HAL, which I never noticed before
> and my selections where gone, where I set the printer up for 3 different
> print modes. 

This hal-installed entry happened to me very early in my time using FC6.  ISTR 
that I had to scan for available printers again - all mine are remote - but 
they have remained consistently available since then.

> I don't recall ever having a problem with gimp or anything 
> else. It was printing just fine in text mode, until I printed a
> graphical page and then it started spewing paper, in front of a fervent
> Windows user no less. Bad night. Ric
Sympathy.  Things like that always happen at the worst time.  Murphy's at it 
again :-)


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