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Re: building firefox debug package?

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 5:18 PM +0000 1/10/07, Ian Malone wrote:
Could anyone suggest a way of building a debug build
of Firefox from the updates source rpm?

I want to do this to help find out why my XPCOM
components wont register with firefox in FC6 while
they did in FC5 (same source, same makefile, still
Firefox 1.5).

Do you only need the -debuginfo RPM?

    []# yum --enablerepo=\*-debuginfo install firefox-debuginfo

I've tried it, but what I need is firefox built with
-DDEBUG type options.

Otherwise, I'd expect that the normal rpmbuild process would produce all
the packages, and perusing the spec (and make) file(s) should provide any
other options you need.

I've been trying.  I've changed
ac_add_options --disable-debug
ac_add_options --enable-debug
Which works when run as firefox, but e.g. 'firefox -h' for instance
will print the help followed by crashing (even without trying my
components), and it doesn't seem to produce any diagnostics.

I'm now about to try commenting out:
#ac_add_options --enable-optimize="$RPM_OPT_FLAGS"

But it takes quite a while to build and the scripts (/usr/bin/firefox
is a script to load the firefox script, which loads the binary) seem
to try to supress stdout/stderr, so I was hoping someone else had
done this before.


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