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FC5, And FC6 won't shutdown completely

Both myself, and Aaron Konstram are having problems with the complete shutdown 
of our machines. I am running FC5, and since some updates to FC5, kernels 
later than the original kernel installed from the CDROM refuse to shutdown 
cmpletely. The shutdown messages reach "power off" then nothing, and you have 
to press, and hold the start button on the PC to switch the machine off. When 
shutdown reaches the power off stage, I hear the harddrives spin down, but 
the machine is still active.

these ar the kernels on my FC5:
2.6.15-1.2054_FC5  (this one shutsdown ok)
but all of these refuse to shutdown completely:

I have been googling, and found suggestions to use "lapic" . I'm not sure how 
to use it. I tried at the grub prompt for the kernel, using "lapic", or 
lapic=on" (without the double quotes) , but no success.

Anyone have any suggestion how to use lapic, or even if this might solve the 


btw. Aarons having similar problems with FC6  not shutting down completely.

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