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Re: Fedora 6 is not able to install in PIII, 256MB SD RAM, 1.3GHz

Just Do it wrote:
> Fedora 6 installation is not working in PIII, 256MB SD RAM(2 stick), 1.3GHz
> Each time I try to install it hang during the installation time...every time
> at different location....
> I try with all possible option available in fedora 6 I guess....still
> fails..
> Tried around 20 time or so...not kidding :-)
> Then I have to switch to Xubuntu..which working cool for me...

The first thing I'd try on that system is memtest86, which is available
on the install CD (boot from it, and type memtest86 at the very first

Best to leave it going overnight.

Memory errors are tricky things -- Xubuntu will have a different kernel
(with different compile options), and that will mean that failing memory
gets used in a different way.

Hope this helps,


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