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Re: Has anyone seen a "lock up" occur on FC6 when running Firefox?

On Thu, 11 Jan 2007, Ed Landaveri wrote:

> Richard,
> I experience the same but only when using my laptop. I
> thought because sometimes I'm on a couch maybe something internal is
> loosening. So I got to killall firefox and start all over. It
> doesn't happen on my ADM desktop or the P4 Dell I have at work. I
> will take a look to the other postings to see if someone have fould
> why this is happening.

i've been having perpetual problems with firefox over the last several
weeks.  frequently, after no more than one or two days, it stops
behaving properly, with symptoms very much like a memory leak
somewhere -- a new instance won't have the title bar, or something
like that -- after which every instance just locks up and i have to
kill them all.  after that, i can start a new instance and everything
is fine for the next day or two.  rinse and repeat.


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