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Re: Problem with real player

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vn wrote:
>> On Wednesday 10 January 2007 03:27, vn wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>  I installed fedora core 6 recently. I have a problem with realplayer.
>>> When i try playing songs from internet (these  are .ram files), the song
>>> does not play. The default player is totem player (is totem the default
>>> player in FC6?) and it gives an error that the file cannot be played. I
>>> have the following questions.
>>> 1) How can i change the default player to real player on FC6?
>>> 2) Can totem play .ram files? If so, i wouldn't mind keeping that as the
>>> default player.
>> I can't answer 2) at all, and I can only answer 1) for kde, though I'm sure 
>> something similar will exist for gnome users.  It's a matter of changing file 
>> associations.  In kde it's Control Center (kcontrol) > KDE Components > File 
>> Associations, then put .ram into the box at the top.  You'll see the options.  
>> Move your RealPlayer to the top of the list and it will be default for these 
>> files without changing your default for any other media files.  The biggest 
>> problem is that some Real files have the extension .rpm, so you can't change 
>> that or you are in package trouble.
>> Anne
> Hi Anne,
>  Thanks for your reply. I am using gnome, so I will check if a similar
> thing exists in gnome-control-center.
> vn.

I don't think there are many people who really understand how file
associations work in linux, and I can assure you that I am NOT one of
those who does.. but I have gleaned a few minor insights.

	Apparently in addition to the system calling an app on a per extension
basis, some Apps rely on a mimetype. that is a designator you may have
seen that distinguishes a file to a particular type.  You may have seen
"application: x/application/audio or some such.  Browsers use these to
determine what app to run and I have not been able to figure out a
reliable way to change the program the browser uses, but apparently
programs like mplayerplug-in know how to do it.  There is a similar rpm
(totem-plugin IIRC) which is the reason nearly every media file is
opened in totem under Firefox maybe other browsers too for all I know.

	If you remove the totemplugin rpm then mozilla will have to find
another way to determine what app to open.  If there is no other plug-in
to tell it FireFox will ask you in a requester and give you the option
to always use that application.  This will then become editable in the
Edit-->Preferences-->Downloads-->View & Edit options window

Try doing a `rpm -qa|grep totem` to find the name of that plug-in


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