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Re: FC6 logs me out every 10 minutes

Today Dan Hensley did spake thusly:

On Thu, 2007-01-11 at 09:34 -0700, Dan Hensley wrote:
Last month I upgraded my FC4 system to FC6.  Everything went fine and
has been working smoothly since then, until today.  (Well, Evolution
doesn't work very well with IMAP, but that's a different subject.)

I have been doing a yum update each morning.  This morning the only
thing I updated was ginac.

Now about every 10 minutes FC6 logs me out.  It doesn't matter what I
have running.  I just tried logging in and not starting up anything, and
I had the same problem.

I am running Gnome.  Earlier, after the 3rd time it happened, I got some
kind of bonobo activation server error (3 or -3?), and the panel didn't
open.  So I rebooted and logged in and did nothing else, and I just got
booted again.

Any idea what's happening???

Ok, as soon as I sent this I suspected the screensaver, and that is
exactly what it is.  When I try to change my screensaver in System |
Preferences, I get logged out as soon as the config panel shows up.  So
my next question is, where are the screensaver preferences stored, and
how can I change them manually?

And of course my next question is, why is the stupid screensaver logging
me out?

Am guessing you're not actually being logged out (ie you don't see the logout screen) but everything just goes black and then the login screen appears? What graphics card do you use? Are you trying to run a 3d screensaver? It would seem to me to be indicative of a broken OpenGL chunk somewhere...

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