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Re: Converter from WV to WAV

On 1/11/07, Lonni J Friedman <netllama gmail com> wrote:
> > > Is there any program (available) from the usual repos to convert from WV to WAV?
> >
> > ffmpeg should handle wavpack audio.
> Something seems to be wrong here, as
> $ ffmpeg
> ffmpeg: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libavcodec.so.51: undefined
> symbol: dlclose
> $

Did you get your ffmpeg from livna?  If so, this is a bug in their
build.  Try from freshrpms or dries instead.

I am using the following, but I admit that I may have other related
packages from Livna overlapping:

$ rpm -qi ffmpeg
Name        : ffmpeg                       Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version     : 0.4.9                             Vendor: ATrpms.net
Release     : 19_r7407.fc6.at               Build Date: Wed 03 Jan
2007 09:19:09 PM WET
Install Date: Thu 04 Jan 2007 12:10:05 PM WET      Build Host:
Group       : System Environment/Libraries   Source RPM:
Size        : 397653                           License: GPL
Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Wed 03 Jan 2007 09:19:31 PM WET, Key ID 508ce5e666534c2b
Packager    : ATrpms <http://ATrpms.net/>
URL         : http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net/
Summary     : Hyper fast MPEG1/MPEG4/H263/RV and AC3/MPEG audio encoder
Description :
FFmpeg is a very fast video and audio converter. It can also grab from a
live audio/video source.
The command line interface is designed to be intuitive, in the sense that
ffmpeg tries to figure out all the parameters, when possible. You have
usually to give only the target bitrate you want. FFmpeg can also convert
from any sample rate to any other, and resize video on the fly with a high
quality polyphase filter.


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