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Re: building firefox debug package?

Ian Malone wrote:
Tony Nelson wrote:
At 5:18 PM +0000 1/10/07, Ian Malone wrote:
Could anyone suggest a way of building a debug build
of Firefox from the updates source rpm?

I want to do this to help find out why my XPCOM
components wont register with firefox in FC6 while
they did in FC5 (same source, same makefile, still
Firefox 1.5).

Do you only need the -debuginfo RPM?

    []# yum --enablerepo=\*-debuginfo install firefox-debuginfo

I've tried it, but what I need is firefox built with
-DDEBUG type options.

I discovered firefox --debug and tried it with ddd, but it
didn't really tell me anything useful.  After trying in
desperation against a number of gecko-sdks I finally worked
out that I needed to build my component using
'pkg-config firefox-xpcom --libs --cflags'[1] rather than
the gecko-sdk.  Why the SDK no longer works going
from FC5 to FC6 (and had a go at -Wl,--hash-style=sysv with
the latest Mozilla 1.8 gecko-sdk too, just in case) I don't

So, a new question, why should this be the case?  (It'd be
useful to know should I ever manage to put together a component
I want to distribute.)

[1] This was one of the first things I'd tried, but a silly
typo stopped it working.

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