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Re: Resizing of a LVM partition

Ok, I guess the problem was that when I first created the logical
volumes I used pvcreate on the single partition on the disk and not on
the whole disk. Any way, what I now did was to create a new partition
in the free space and add it to the logical volume.

A question: if I had used pvcreate on the whole disk in the first
place could I now have used pvresize to take the free space into use
without creating a new partition?


On 10/01/07, Tom Spec <samag70-ignore yahoo ca> wrote:


Assuming you are sure you know which disk you added, this is how you

1) Make the disk LVM aware
pvcreate /dev/sd<x> [if you have a problem you can force with -f]

2) Add the Disk into the Volume Group
vgextend <Volume Group Name> /dev/sd<x>

3) Extend the Logical Volume
lvextend -L +yG /dev/<Volume Group>/<Logical Volume> [ Where y is the size
in GB of the new disk ]

4) Extend the filesystem
ext2online <mountpoint>

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