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vlc and mplayer will not play studio-issue DVD on FC6


Am now wrapping up an FC6 install, and have a problem: Livna's vlc (VideoLAN Client) program will not play a studio-recorded DVD. It /will/ play any disk that I have recorded, in standard-play mode, using my own (duly licensed) software.

FC4 (my last version) handled this task without a problem.

What has happened to vlc? Or could this be a kernel issue, waiting for the next version of the kernel to resolve it?

Or is it an SELinux issue? I already had to allow "unconfined executables" to make their /stack/ executable in order for vlc to load at all.

Mplayer has the same issue: it will play my home-burnt DVD's but will not play a studio-issue DVD.

I tried vlc because, as usual, totem /will not/ play any of my DVD's. It keeps saying that I haven't installed the required plugins--and naturally I don't know where to acquire those.

What am I missing? Where do I go to get plugins for totem, or whatever I need for vlc and mplayer?


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