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Re: troubleshooting basics question

Frank Cox wrote:
On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 14:17:40 -0600
Tom Poe <tompoe fngi net> wrote:

Now, no boot, just a message, "no sync input". Is that meaningful to anyone?

Do you get any write-up on the screen right after power-on about your bios and

"no sync input" sounds like an internal message from your monitor saying that
there is no signal from your video card.  Meaning that the card is shot or the
cable is loose or something.

I think that's a good suggestion about checking with video card issue. To replace the card, and try another, at bootup, is there anything to be done? Or, does Kudzu recognize new card and prompt for whatever? Initially, it would show bootup in progress, before going "black", but now, nothing shows, until after some delay, the "no sync input" comes up. My daughter said she heard a beep, like that when the session screen comes up, so we tried flying blind, getting to alt-ctl-f2, and entering: dmesg tail -50 | pr | lpr , but nothing happened. At that point, she rebooted, and the delay, then the "no sync input" message showed.

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