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Re: FC5, And FC6 won't shutdown completely

On 1/11/07, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com> wrote:
Nigel Henry wrote:

>  using "poweroff" just stalls at "Power down".
> The last 7 entries from the shutdown messages are.
> Unmounting file systems:                             OK
> Halting system...
> md: stopping all md devices.
> md: md0 switched to read-only mode.
> Shutdown: hdb
> Shutdown: hda
> Power down.
> This is probably no surprise as the acpid isn't running.
> Shutdown with the 2.6.15 kernel runs to completion, but the stuff scrolls past
> so fast, and no log is kept of it, so can't say what it says. It certainly
> mentions "ACPI", but what else I'm not sure of.
> Nigel.

Have you tried adding acpi=on as one of the kernel parameters? I ask
since you mentioned acpid is not running but is running for the earlier

I used to add that line in for my laptop because of the option changing
from default on to default off from time to time. That was during Severn


This problem also occurs in OpenSUSE 10.2. The SUSE developers have
pinned it down to the incorporation of SMP into a single kernel
package and not getting the proper switches/options enabled for
uniprocessor systems.

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