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[FC5] firefox, virus, malware, kernel???

Hi, I am having strange problem lately. I figured out that when I go
to certain site, firefox takes forever to loead up to the point that
it seems like computer is being freezed (everything stops responding).
But after sometime, firefox terminates abruptly without any warning.
when I tried to look at the /var/log/messages I found out like this
(lots of same message repeating):

Jan 12 10:58:47 zeesrvr kernel:  [<c04038a1>] error_code+0x39/0x40
Jan 12 10:58:47 zeesrvr kernel: DWARF2 unwinder stuck at error_code+0x39/0x40
At the status bar of the firefox, I noticed the message "Waiting for
statrafogon.biz..." when this happened. I tried to check  the with
same website from windows-firefox and norton antivirus tells me that
it has detected and removed a virus called "downloader.exe" from
firefox cache and the message repeats forever. I was using  firefox and now updated to and problem remains same.

This condition doesn't happen always. I guess when the website hosting
the banner ad try to load certain ad from other website (but not
sure). I noticed that usually these ads are placed recently on the
BitTorrent tracker sites like "mininova.org", demonoid.com etc.

Before I thought I have problem with my hardware but hardware seems
fine. Now other questiong remains?

1) Is there a bug in firefox? or flash plugin?
2) Is the ad company trying to inject malware?
3) any bug on FC5 kernel itself?

Can somebody confirm if this is true for you too?

Thanks in advance

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