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Re: Has anyone seen a "lock up" occur on FC6 when running Firefox?

Richard England wrote:
Kernel  2.6.18-1.2869.fc6 smp  fully updated install

firefox 1.5.09 via  yum

If I start firefox and use or let it sit idle, eventually the system will lock up. No keyboard response, cursor moves with mouse movement but the buttons do not function. I can't conclusively say that firefox is that cause but it seems to be the commonality. If I let the system idle without firefox, I have yet to see a freeze.

Any one else seen this? Any one have some diagnostic tricks I can use to isolate this? I'm not a complete novice in using Linux but any tips might save me a boat load of trial and error. I may try starting a VNC session from another machine and see if it is active so I can see dmesg, etc. Perhaps it's an xwindows issue.....



I can't report a solution but I _can_ report a cessation of hostilities.....

I noticed that after a recent kernel upgrade I had failed to reinstall the Nvidia drivers I'm using on my system [GeForce4 MX440]. When I did that the lockups seemed to have stopped. I'm still not completely sold that the native drivers were the problem but I haven't been be able to make it fail.

Having said that, I now expect a lock up momentarily.

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