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Re: Fedora 6 is not able to install in PIII, 256MB SD RAM, 1.3GHz

Thanks for a long discussion on this topic....but I think I have to go far to see FC 6 running on my old sweet box.
Few point discussed above.. please find below few of my comments.........

Point 1

Stick your #1 Fedora 6 install disk in cdrom, and at boot: "memtest"(w/o
quotes)  and let the memory test run all the way through test 8, If you
get any "red" info pops up you got bad memory or dirty connections in
memory board slots.
This is very common in older and newer boxes.


---> Last night I have run the memtest86 to run the whole night...in the
morning when I saw..it again restarted and now in test 4.... with no error..
but could not able to see the error message :-(

Point 2

Did you ever figure out if you have onboard video sharing ram??? Or, do
you have a good video card with it's own vram?

--> I have onboard video card only....which is coming as default...

Point 3

Do you have an Intel PIII or an AMD PIII clone?
--> I have Intel PIII

Point 4
And if it's a 1.3 GHz processor, it's an Athlon.
James (who started using Linux on a K5).
--> Sorrry!!actually my processor is 1.13GHz...typo mistake...

Point 5
If you have broadband access or have another box on your network give
either NFS or FTP install a try.  Also try using a separate /boot
partition and EXT3 instead of LVM.

--> I will donot have internet connection at home :-( I tried with few
change in partition...but thanks for your suggestion...I can try using
a separate /boot partition and EXT2 instead of LVM....

On 1/12/07, Alan <alan lxorguk ukuu org uk> wrote:
> Thanks James, before I emailed the list I checked cpuinfo, the
> information is not as clear as I had hoped. My guess is I am running
> close to the absolute usable minimum hardware set up which is older than
> he one in question and the issues involved are more than a generic P3
> FC6 issue below is the information from my cpuinfo file. I suspect that

VIA @733 MHz is quite usable for most things. Processor speed is about P3
400-500 (lower for heavy FPU better for integer). I actually have a few
of them mostly running as my routers/firewalls and they've paid for
themselves in electricity bill reductions.

The big thing you want is *RAM*. 256MB ought to be enough to run OK,
512MB is better. Alternatively shoot the heavyweight gnome desktop stuff
and install the Xfce packages which will run well on such a box, and
sylpheed or sylpheed-claws instead of evolution for email.


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