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Re: Fedora 6 is not able to install in PIII, 256MB SD RAM, 1.3GHz

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 11:29 +0530, Just Do it wrote:

> Did you ever figure out if you have onboard video sharing ram??? Or,
> do
> you have a good video card with it's own vram?
> Ric 
> --> I have onboard video card only....which is coming as default...

There is a very large probability that there is the problem, and you may
wish to tool around through the archives about this problem that we had
since 2000 with onboard video. If at all possible, find out if there is
a local user group and there you will find people like me with boxes of
old parts to give away. Someone can put an older S3 card in your hands
for free and be glad to do so. Then disable the onboard video either
with a jumper setting or in the bios. The jumper setting is preferable,
if one exists. Now, all of your mainboard memory will be available to
the install process, the kernel will reward you for less "confusion"
about just how much memory you have and happily install. Probably still
in text mode, but that's OK. 

I put FC3 on my old K5 box with 128 megs of memory on it, after lying in
the garage for quote awhile. Later FC4 and another 128 megs of memory
added. Then did the upgrade path to FC5. Still running. It would not
install FC6. Period. Flat out failed. So, I backed down to a clean
install of FC5, and it runs, slow as molasses. I was bored and did it to
experiment with an NFS network to my 64 bit Athlon 3200 with 2 GIGs of
memory. Your machine is far faster than my old POS, so FC5 or FC6 should
install with no sweat, the only drawback I can see is the onboard video
sharing mainboard memory. That, as I suggested, can be fixed for free
once you network yourself around. Give me your address, if you have no
luck locally, and I'll send you one gratis myself. Life is good. Ric


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