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Re: Dosemu will not print to network printers

R. G. Newbury wrote:
Subject says it all.
I have 2 networked printers. Both are set up in printer administration to use lpd/lpr. Both print from OpenOffice etc. and both print from the command line with 'lpr -P NetPrinter some_file_name'. The printer names are listed in /etc/hosts.

However, whatever I do, I cannot get a DOS accounting program nor M$ Word 5.0 to print to any output at all.

I have tried myriad combinations of lines in dosemu.conf including

$_printer = "NetPrinter"
$-printer = "lpr"
$_printer = "lpd://"

And various versions of the following line, including making the $_printer definition a null "" and putting the entire command in the following:

#$_printer_command = "lpr -l, lpr -l, lpr -l"

The instructions strongly imply that this should "just work".  HA!

Anyone have any ideas/ btw this is all as root...


Don't you need to map the printers to either a com or lpt port for DOS programs to be able to print?


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