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Re: Restarting modem/router through software

On 1/9/07, Paul Smith <phhs80 gmail com> wrote:
> > >> One thing you may want to check on is if the public IP address you
> > >> have changes during the night. Your DHCP lease may be expiring, and
> > >> you are getting a "new" IP address.
> > >
> > > You really ought to get the same IP address, then.  The scheme is for
> > > your DHCP client (most likely within your modem, unless you use it in a
> > > bridge mode) to "renew" the lease before the expiry period.
> > >
> > Yes, that is what "should" happen. Then again, you should not have
> > to restart the modem every couple of days. But if the modem is not
> > renewing the lease, and it is expiring, then a new IP address after
> > power-cycling the modem would be a good indication.
> >
> > > If your ISP is changing IPs on you arbitrarily, I'd be looking for
> > > another ISP.  One that isn't so mismanaged.
> > >
> > An IP address that changes before you power-cycle the modem would be
> > an indication of this, and as you said, time for a new ISP, if
> > possible. (Some places, you do not have a choice for hi-speed
> > Internet...)
> Thanks for all replies. The problem usually occurs during the night,
> with aMule the sole application running. How can I check whether the
> IP changed after a power cycling? (Unfortunately, I do not have many
> choices of ISPs available.)

Your guesses seem correct: my ISP changes my IP, or, at least, this
morning the modem/router was again stuck and after a power cycling the
IP was different.

It would be interesting to have a script to detect a change of IP and
restart the modem after that. Perhaps, someone here know how to do
such a script.


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