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Re: is nfsv4 working on fc6?

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
Does nfs4 work on fc6.  Either I'm missing a critical setup step or it
is just plain broken.  I can mount the directory with nfs v3, but when
I try nfsv4 I get the following error.

    [root arbol wolfgang]# mount arbol:/u/wolfgang /mnt -t nfs4
    mount.nfs4: Operation not permitted
    [root arbol wolfgang]# mount arbol:/u/wolfgang /mnt -t nfs
[root arbol wolfgang]#
I found some instructions at the following link, but I believe that
all my files are setup in a comparable (but not identical) fashion.
Surely someone has gotten this working.  What was the trick?



I am not certain, but historically mount wanted the mount point argument last.

Try: mount -t nfs4 arbol:/u/wolfgang /mnt

Also, on wolfang, can you run a nfsstat command? That will tell you for sure that it is sharing with nfs4 enabled. You should notice a section entitled:

Server nfs v4:

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