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Re: FC6 Ipod Nano Shuffle

antonio montagnani wrote:
> Has anybody succeeded to work with Gtkpod and Shuffle??
> I have the list empy, but I know that that it is not true, as Itunes
> loaded the gear (and it plays!!)
> Any Help???

I use gtkpod on my iPod (a fifth gen video) every day.  I don't recall
reading anything particular to the shuffle or the nano on the gtkpod
list lately.  What version of gtkpod and libgpod are you using?  If
you have less than libgpod-0.4.0 and gtkpod-0.99.8 I'd try to update
and see if that helps.

Other things to verify are that gtkpod is looking in the right place
for your ipod and that it's being mounted properly.

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