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Re: RealPlayer 10 in FC6: Sound, But No Picture

Nigel Henry wrote:
On Saturday 13 January 2007 17:23, Temlakos wrote:

Just installed RealPlayer 10. No dependencies detected. Setup Assistant
ran through. But when I go to play a video, the mplayer-plugin wants to
load, and of course it chokes. But more than that:

When I download a "test video" from Real.com, I get sound, but no picture.

When I go to play certain videos (specifically at foxnews.com), again I
get sound, but no picture.

On a hunch, I removed totem--completely. It was never doing anything for
me anyway. (That's right--I never did get totem to play /any/ of my
DVD's, and I have gnome-cd to play audio cd's.)

That removed a lot of useless plugins. But it still didn't solve the
problem of my not being able to play RealAudio or RealVideo content. Again:

Download response: Sound, but no picture. Should have picture and sound.

Site-visit response: Either sound, but no picture, or else mplayer tries
to load, and then stops. (Mplayer will play other plug-in videos, so
long as they're not too big. I tested that at apple.com's movie trailer

What hidden dependency have I missed?


It may be worth checking the Mplayerplugins. There are loads of them, including one ending in .rm, which is the realmedia one, and is an earlier version of realplayer.

I'm still using FC2, and Mplayerplugins arn't automatically set up in Firefox. I have to link to the ones I want to use. I have realplayer10GOLD.bin installed, and can see video output, but because I'm on dialup it's continually buffering because of lack of bandwidth.

I'd suggest removing Mplayerplugins realmedia plugin, then reopen Firefox, type "about:plugins" (without the double quotes), and see which plugins are showing. You should see just one for realplayer10GOLD. Then try the site again.


Now that I've done that (I moved the mplayer-plug-in-rm file to /root for safekeeping), here is what happens: when I click on a RealVideo clip, Firefox won't open this in one of its own windows. (In fact, it never did in any previous version of Firefox or Fedora.) Instead, it asks me, "What application do you want to open this file with?" I managed to select "realplay." So then it downloads it to, I assume, /tmp and opens RealPlayer as a separate app to play it.

Happily, when I /do/ play it, I get picture and sound. I get the same thing now when playing an rm or ram clip--picture and sound.

But still (and this might have nothing to do with RealPlayer; I don't know)--when I go to FoxNews.com and click on one of their videos, I get sound, but no picture. And even /that/ is an improvement--because in FC4, that I just upgraded from, I could not play a FoxNews.com video /at all/.

Thanks again for the suggestion. At least I have /some/ solution for RealPlayer clips. Not perfect, but better than it was.

I have:


as my multimedia playback apps.

What apps or other packages should I think of installing, to try to resolve this last multimedia issue?


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