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Re: RealPlayer 10 in FC6: Sound, But No Picture

On 13/01/07, Temlakos <temlakos gmail com> wrote:

Just installed RealPlayer 10. No dependencies detected. Setup Assistant
ran through. But when I go to play a video, the mplayer-plugin wants to
load, and of course it chokes. But more than that:

When I download a "test video" from Real.com, I get sound, but no picture.

When I go to play certain videos (specifically at foxnews.com), again I
get sound, but no picture.

On a hunch, I removed totem--completely. It was never doing anything for
me anyway. (That's right--I never did get totem to play /any/ of my
DVD's, and I have gnome-cd to play audio cd's.)

That removed a lot of useless plugins. But it still didn't solve the
problem of my not being able to play RealAudio or RealVideo content. Again:

Download response: Sound, but no picture. Should have picture and sound.

Site-visit response: Either sound, but no picture, or else mplayer tries
to load, and then stops. (Mplayer will play other plug-in videos, so
long as they're not too big. I tested that at apple.com's movie trailer

What hidden dependency have I missed?

First, as Nigel Henry says, you'll want to remove the Realplayer
part of the mplayer-plugin. If you're still not getting a picture try
loading the stream in stand-alone Realplayer (not through the
Firefox plugin), if you get no picture there you may want to try
turning off SELINUX.


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