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Re: evolution mail.dat

Il giorno dom, 14/01/2007 alle 12.51 +0100, roland ha scritto:
> The problem is, as I understand, that one can send an email as html,text  
> and richtext. If you send the email as richtext, sometimes or maybe  
> allways microsoft changes the annex in winmail.dat. To open this annex,  
> one needs a plugin in mozilla. I read the howtos of tnef, but I was not  
> succesfull in installing it. Is looks very complicated to me. Maybe Ktnef  
> does it better? I just do not know how. Maybe I can find something on  
> ktnef. Off course I can save it on the desktop and open it, but this looks  
> for some clients to complicated, being spoiled by microsoft.
I think I haven't a solution for you.

I had some messages with mail.dat attached and even with evo I'm
not able to view the contents inline with the messages.

But even after saved it and opened it with ktnef I didn't see anything

If you want, you can send to me an example of the original messages to
verify if with recent evo the file is readable inline.

But I see you are usung opera mail.
With it you can see the file inline?


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