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Re: FC5, And FC6 won't shutdown completely

On 1/14/07, Kam Leo <kam leo gmail com> wrote:
On 1/14/07, Patrick <fedora-list puzzled xs4all nl> wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-01-11 at 15:13 -0800, Kam Leo wrote:
> > On 1/11/07, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com> wrote:
> > > Nigel Henry wrote:
> > >
> > > >  using "poweroff" just stalls at "Power down".
> [snip]
> > This problem also occurs in OpenSUSE 10.2. The SUSE developers have
> > pinned it down to the incorporation of SMP into a single kernel
> > package and not getting the proper switches/options enabled for
> > uniprocessor systems.
> Same problem here with an old PII-400 laptop that I just upgraded from
> FC4 to FC6. Do you perhaps have a link to .where the SUSE folks are
> discussing this issue?


There's new info in the bug report since I first accessed it. I need
to try adding "apm=power_off" to grub on my K6-2 box to see if that
fixes the problem. I'll let the list know if that's the cure for FC.

Adding "apm=power_off" to grub fixes the shutdown problem I
encountered using OpenSUSE 10.2 and FC-6 for my two old boxes. (One
with an Asus SP97-V motherboard, AMD K6-2 CPU, Award BIOS. The other
is a Gateway with 600 MHz P3 600 MHz CPU, PHoenix BIOS.)

Hope this helps solves your problem, too.

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