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Re: sendmail service is on, still cannot update linux counter

Antonio Olivares schrieb:

Dear list,

Sendmail service is now enabled, with simple check

[olivares localhost ~]$ su -
Password: [root localhost ~]# service sendmail status
sendmail (pid 2066 2057) is running...

Yet, when I run ./machine-update -m to send the
machine's information to Linux counter I get the

[olivares localhost Documents]$ ./machine-update -i
Here you can specify some info that the script can't
know for itself
Your Linux Counter reg#, if any [381662]:
Your machine's counter reg#, if any [340340]:
This is what will be sent to the Linux Counter if you
run the program with the -m switch. Now, NOTHING IS
From: olivares
To: machine-registration counter li org
Subject: machine-update for localhost.localdomain
See hostname there ...

Mail program that sent this email: /bin/mail

accounts: 1
cpu_uname: i686
kcoresize: 469700608
kernel: 2.6.18-1.2849.fc6
key: 340340
mailer: sendmail
method: machine-update version 0.29
name: localhost.localdomain
and here

I do not know how to fix this issue.  Two of my other
machines are updated and machine-update script works. Yet on this and another machine, it does not want to

Thanks for helping,

Running your own MTA give it a FQDN. At least use a relay host, i.e. your ISP's MTA.


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