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Re: vmware guest crash spinlock lockup - bugzilla-able ?

On Sun, 2007-01-14 at 14:36 +1100, David Timms wrote:
> Gilboa: Do you mean if vmware-tools is installed on the vmware guest, 
> then it would be tainted ?  I haven't installed any extra bits in the guest.
> The vmware-server service on the physical machine definitely has the 
> vmmon and vmnet compiled as modules {=tainted}, but in terms of the 
> hang, is it indicative of an issue within the guest vm, or could it be 
> in the vmware-server software, or host machine that it is running on ?
> DaveT.

I assume that you are using the free vmware server?
If you do, you are out of luck.
A bug within the vmmon may kill the guest - no doubt about it. However,
the vmware-server doesn't include any type of support, I doubt that
vmware will help you.
You can try to report the problem against bugzilla/fedora, but the
kernel guys will most likely point a finger at vmware's vmmon.

Is it happening randomly or consistently?
What does the guest log say? (Locate the vmware image - you should find
a couple of vmware.* files)

- Gilboa

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