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Re: How can I get rid of beagle??

Boris Glawe <public boris-glawe de> wrote:

 > Beagle is crap. It assumes that all system resources are reserved for 
 > beagle only and it assumes that the user does nothing but searching lost 
 > stuff on his/her Desktop.
 > My problem: I can't get rid of it!

If you don't want to remove the Beagle packages from your system
(because other packages depend on them or for whatever reason),
this should help:

 * set "CRAWL_ENABLED" from "yes" to "no" in /etc/beagle/crawl-*, and
   don't forget to repeat this after applying updates to beagle packages
 * if beagle is not running, you may want to remove its database (if any),
   so users won't get outdated results (rm -rf /var/cache/beagle/indexes/*)
Beagle needs most time on first run (as it needs to search all
files you have). On subsequent runs, Beagle doesn't seem to
search in files again if they haven't changed, so it uses a lot
less system resources. However, I still don't use it because I
don't like the idea of a central database with file contents.
Not good for security. Wrong approach for desktop search.

	Rest in peace ... Andreas

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