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Confusion over LVM

Dear all,

I'm using FC6. I have a 8 gbyte disk on my pc, and I've justed added another. Easy enough, ensuring the jumpers for master slave are set, etc.

I am a bit confused about the LVM. I used this, via the graphical front end to add the new physical volume. It looks like there are the two physical volumes, and two logical volumes - one of the logical volumes is uninitialised (swap I guess).

So, I thought that when one of the disks fills up then it would simply start allocating space on the new disk. However when I run the Software Updater then it terminates saying that there is insufficient space for them e.g. [('installing package thunderbird- needs 13MB on the / filesystem', (9, '/', 12881920L)), ('installing package e2fsprogs-1.39-7.fc6 needs 14MB on the / filesystem' ...

I must have missed something, or do I have unfounded expectations of how LVM works (i.e. seemlessly)?

Andrew Wood, Oxford

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