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Re: Confusion over LVM

I think you need to extent the "Logical Volume".
Think it's not possible with graphical tools (require to umount the
filesystem) with current version...

You should
1/ extent the Logical Volume (lvextent)
2/ extent the filesystem (resize2fs)


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Since your space is vacant you may experiment but my experience with LVM tells this
1. LVM is a very nice and powerful tool
2. It is basically meant for long term deployment. i.e. you may find it difficult to make frequent changes especially if space outside LVM is less than space inside LVM.
3. Generally, You may leave ample space outside LVM and very conveniently add it to your LVM structure later on, as you gain confidence.
4. As you get familiar with LVM intricacies, you can plan a more optimised initial configuration (when you re-configure - you will do that).
5. MoS : Keep flexibility to begin with LVM or master it.
LVM - is it supposed to perform faster also, especially on SATA hardware, and optimised drivers?

Anil Kumar Shrama

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