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Re: FC6 Ipod Nano Shuffle

2007/1/15, Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com>:
antonio montagnani wrote:
> It works, I had to define the correct mount point: so urgent work
> has been completed!!! :-))

Excellent!  I'm glad you didn't get caught by the bug Chris mentioned.

> According to your experience, managing Ipod by Gtkpod is failsafe??

I use it every day on my iPod and I haven't had any trouble.  I
wouldn't dare to call it failsafe though, as you may manage to find a
bug I haven't found. :)

I do know that Gtkpod's author Jorg Schuler is a good guy and he's
added things pretty quickly when they're reported.  An example, when I
got my newer iPod I tried adding tracks with lyrics and they didn't
show up with the lyrics on the ipod.  I used iTunes to add the same
track, which worked.  Then I mailed the gtkpod-devel list the iTunesDB
created by gtkpod and the one create by iTunes (because I could tell
they were different but didn't know how to determine precisely how
they differed).  Jorg had patched gtkpod to fully support lyrics on
the ipod by the next morning when I woke up!

So, if you run into any problems that google can't help you solve,
check out the gtkpod-questions mailing list on SourceForge[1].

[1] http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=67873

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vegetables, then what is baby oil made from?

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tnx for help: just before getting your answer, my son stole my Linux
box from me and he used to tranfer from/to his new Shuffle a bunch of
songs. I understand from him that everything is o.k., that means that
also my Linux personal box will be shared by him!! So after Blender,
Gtkpod will make my son a Linux power user!!!!! :-)

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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