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Re: FC6: scim-tables-korean package has disappeared?

Rob wrote:
There seems to have been a package scim-tables-korean,
but that's not there anymore for FC6. Any idea where
it has gone?

Yes, it was excluded from our scim-tables packages along with scim-tables-japanese some time ago since it was felt not really to be useful.

This package should support Korean hangul input,
with hanja (the 'Korean' chinese characters).

If you want to try it, you can build the scim-tables srpm with it turned on.

When scim-hangul is installed, there is some
possibility to input hanja, but it seems to be not
OK. So I wondered whether scim-tables-korean is
needed to improve this.

Can you be more explicit about the problem you see with hanja conversion? If there is a problem it would be best to report in our bugzilla under scim-hangul for Fedora Core 6.

Thanks, Jens

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