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Re: FC6: scim-tables-korean package has disappeared?

Jens Petersen wrote:
> Rob wrote:
>> When scim-hangul is installed, there is some
>> possibility to input hanja, but it seems to be not
>> OK. So I wondered whether scim-tables-korean is
>> needed to improve this.
> Can you be more explicit about the problem you see
> with hanja conversion?  If there is a problem it
> would be best to report in our  bugzilla under
> scim-hangul for Fedora Core 6.

When activating the hangja button, I get a list of
characters in a small, rectangular window, but most
of them are not chinese characters (these characters
are simple squares, I think the default for

Say, I type 'ma' in hangul, then press the hanja key,
among the chinese chars in the list is indeed the
sign for 'horse', but most other characters are
squares of unidentified characters.

Concerning sending a bug report:

Most probably, I assume, I have done something
wrong in the configuration. I myself am not a
Korean speaker/writer, but I'm trying to get a
Fedora Core 6 PC ready for my Korean Colleagues
(who have very little knowledge about Linux).

So I'd rather leave it up to the more knowledgeable
Korean community (who knows much more about Korean
language support and hanja etc.) to submit a bug
report, if this really is a bug.


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