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Re: Thinkpad Dock 2631 and Fedora

Michael A. Peters wrote:
Hi -

I have a IBM Thinkpad 2631 dock that should be arriving on Wedensday.

Question 1 - does the PCI slot work with Fedora? I would want to put a
USB 2.0 card in it. If it does work, does it interfere with
docking/undocking of the thinkpad w/o shutting down?
I have a laptop that has a wireless pci express card with an unstable driver, so i have decided to buy a intel based wireless pci express card (type 3B) and installed it. I knew that it was a ipw2200 driver and no surprises. It just worked upon the replacement of the card. So, to answer your question, yes Fedora supports PCI but I am not sure about docking. Please keep in mind that whenever Fedora boots it will check for hardware updates and i believe that is where your docking/undocking comes into play.


Question 2 - Do the Cardbus slots work? I would want to use a USB 2.0
card in it (I have one that works in Linux) if the PCI slot doesn't
work. If the PCI slots are functional under Linux than Q2 doesn't matter
to me.

Question 3 - UltraBay 2000 - I've seen reports that it works, but can
not be hot swapped. I would want to put a HD in it. Is there maybe some
magic I can use with hal (or whatever) so that the hd in the UltraBay
2000 is seen as a removable drive? It would be nice if I didn't have to
power off every time I undocked, and un-docking simply notified the OS
that the drive had been removed (like what happens whe a USB hard drive
is removed).

It isn't that big of an issue - the hard drive is only going to be used
for backing up /home in the event my laptop is stolen. But if I can just
leave it all the way inserted, and not have to power off to dock/undock
it would be sweet.

I'm currently running FC5 but will be installing FC6 shortly.

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