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Re: Passing framebuffer address

On 15/01/07, Anne Wilson <cannewilson tiscali co uk> wrote:
I need to pass the framebuffer address to v4l, in order to use xawtv with my
capture card.  I used the recommended command (as root)  'v4l.conf -a
0xE0000000' but got '-bash: v4l.conf: command not found' in return.  I have
done this in the past without problems, so I don't understand what's changed.

I don't have xawtv, but this seems to be telling you that v4l.conf is
not an executable in yout $PATH. Below, you refer to v4l-conf (NB the
hyphen in place of the dot) - could this be the command you need?

I can't simply manually edit v4l, as I haven't a clue where this parameter is
supposed to go.

I found this:

-a adr
    Set framebuffer address to adr. The value should be specified in hex. This
option is allowed for root only. You can't overwrite the autodetected value,
this switch is only useful if autodetect doesn't work because the X-Server
lacks DGA support. You can put this into /etc/conf.modules, as "post-install
bttv ..." for example.

In what package is this documentation?

Mark Knoop

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