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newbie to fedora and suffering keyboard problems

Dear list,

Have recently converted one of my laptops from ubuntu to the shiny new fedora 6.
It's really slick, so slick in fact that I decided I'd wipe ubuntu of a desktop
system and use fedora on that one too.

Problem is though, after having completed the installation and logging in at
some point the keyboard stops responding totally. Even the num lock/caps lock
keys don't light up the LEDs on the keyboard like they should. Sometimes the
problem manifests itself as repeating characters. If I unplug the keyboard and
then plug it back in *sometimes* it will start working correctly.

Initially I thought its a faulty keyboard, but have now tried 3 different ones.
So I thought it could be a broken keyboard connecter on the main board *but*
Ubuntu and Knoppix seems to perform faultlessly, which now directs my attention
towards Fedora. I'm no good at tracking down this kind of problem, all the more
so since I can't use the keyboard. I would really welcome and appreciate advice
on this matter.

Many thanks and kind regards,

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