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Re: newbie to fedora and suffering keyboard problems

Alan <alan <at> lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk> writes:

> Is this a USB or PS/2 keyboard ?
> What kernel versions are used by the Ubuntu and Knoppix that worked ?
> And can you tell me a little more about the configuration of the machine

Yes, Hi, thank you for the speedy reply.

I should have said that it's a PS2 keyboard, as for kernel version on Ubuntu

(dapper+edgy) they are 2.15 and 2.17 and also 2.17 for Knoppix.

As for the configuration - the system is a mish-mash of components, 1GHz Duron,

~418 MB RAM, think the motherboard is some Via based - but don't take my word

for it. If it's important to know I don't mind ripping the computer apart to

have a look.

Both the basic X-less server installs of Ubuntu worked and also with X,

functioning as a desktop system. Knoppix just does its thang without any

Hope that helps some...?

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