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Gdm on FC5 refuses to start after fixing librsvg2 probs

I've now reached the stage where I have to ask for some help with this.

With a fresh install of FC5, and after updates I found, as I have on previous 
occasions 2 versions of librsvg2 installed, which create conflicts. After an 
horrendous job removing the earlier version, I now find that gdm won't start, 
and the pid in /var/run/gdm.pid is missing.

I know it was there when I installed this FC5 because I checked post install, 
after using gdm to login to Kde.

Since the updates, and librsvg2 problem, I've been having to bootup into 
init3, and startx, which has logged me into gnome. Gnome regularly locks the 
screen, and I was getting a plain white box here to unlock the screen, but 
after I had forcibly removed the offending librsvg2, the screen lock box 
changed to a nice blue one, so at that time I presume that gdm was now 
working again. So. I logged out of Gnome and shutdown from the text login, 
proceeded to reboot, this time as normal, and expected to see gdm, but no 
joy. All I get is a black screen, the mouse pointer, and a rotating blue 
thing, like its waiting for something to happen, and doesn't.

Is it possible to recreate the missing gdm.pid in /var/run somehow?



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