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Re: Recovering from yum breakdown {nuking}

Timothy Murphy wrote:
I was just running "yum update" on a remote computer
when the link broke.
(I know I should have been running yum in the background,
but I wasn't ...)
When it broke down, yum had installed 90 out of 190 packages.
(I hadn't updated that machine for some time.)

When I ran "yum update" again, it installed the remaining 100 packages.
and cleaned up after them.
But it never cleaned up after the first 90 packages.

(a) Is there any way of running the missed cleanups?
A similar thing was occurring on ppls machines when performing either rpm/yum/pup updates (in early 2006-12-), caused by something else, but I think the symptoms you generated would be identical and therefore give dupes-cli.py a go.


This worked for me. Eg 30-50 packages where there are two identical packages by name, but diff version 'installed'.

Actually, it might be included now in extras/yum-utils ?

> (b) Could this be described as a yum bug?
As I understand it, it could be solved in rpm, by implementing a transaction initiated, transaction complete tracking system, so that next time rpm ran it would perform anything that was incomplete. Are you an able fingered coder ? Perhaps see


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