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RE: How NSA access was built into Windows

> you knowing about it (lunatic wild conspiracy theory).  Unless SELinux
> provides yet another way into your system, removing it doesn't bring
> about any tangible security benefits.
I was going to try to stay out of this discussion, but if selinux was
doing something we would not like with respect to the government, it
not be so much a back door scheme as a report back home scheme.
To allow a back door in would require that all the router/firewalls
port forward some port to your machine (having to figure out which one
to forward to).  It would have to have that port open on your machine
without it showing up in any version of nmap.

If it was doing something, it would be scanning files for things of
choosing and reporting back via an outbound connection.  What to search
could be done with an occasional access to some site or maybe a periodic
check to see if the NSA wants something from that computer.

Hiding an outbound connection is easier than an inbound one.


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