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Laptop Keyboard Configuration

I'm having trouble with my laptop keyboard configuration.  I'm stumped, hoping someone will recognize this issue.

I have an old Winbook P3 450Mhz laptop.  It had a broken keyboard, the a,s,d keys didn't work.  I installed FC5 on the 
laptop using a PS2 keyboard on the back.  The laptop seemed to work fine, so, I ordered a replacement keyboard (dell 
5000 style keyboard) and installed the new keyboard.

When FC5 boots, the keyboard appears to work with gdm, I can use all the keys when attempting to login.  I can 
successfully login.  However, after X starts running, the right side of the keyboard doesn't work properly.  All the 
keys appears as numbers.  It's almost as if the right side of the keyboard is working like the number pad on a standard 
external keyboard.

Now, if I plug in the external PS2 keyboard, the laptop keyboard starts working just fine.  I can even remove the PS2 
keyboard, and the the laptop keyboard continues to work.  However, after some amount of time (hours) the laptop keyboard 
reverts to the bad behavior and I need to install the PS2 keyboard again to restore the laptop keyboard to proper 

In the FC5 preferences menu, I have the laptop keyboard configured as the default with is a pc-105 keyboard type.

Anyone have any ideas?



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